interior images

interior images

This is interior images for Child Bedroom.

there are two beds in it. box have been made between it. Below this you can make a trolley.

This is the design of two children’s bedrooms. In this , both beds are made separately.

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You can make a cushion behind it or even apply sunmica.

its height is 18 inches, with a 12 inch bed and a 6-inch mattress above it.

On this, you can put the mattress as big as you need.

you can cushion behind it, whose height is 30 inches.

This bed is made of 3.5 × 6.5 So that chidren can be slept easily on it,

because taking it smaller than this, children cannot sleep comfortably on it and there is a fear of falling down.

This is interior images.

interior wall self 


This is study table and wall shelf design for hall and room. The height of this table is 30 inches.

make it 6 fit tall so that children can study easily.

if you have a study table for one child, then you can make its length up to 3.5 feet.

Make a drawer in the middle of it and you can put the door under it.

make a 3 inch drawer for the keyboard on its side and keep its length 2 fit so that the keyboard can sit easily inside it.

By keeping the drawer of the side 2 feet, you can easily keep your chair under it.

on top of this interior image, you can also made a design for self on the wall so that you can keep books and flowers in it.

In this, you use two-color sunmica.

interior images of wardrob

interior images of wardrobe

It is an interior design of wardrobes with a height of 7 feet and width by 4.5 feet.

In the middle, you should put white sunmica in the design and put blue sunmica on the rest of the place. And make a dressing in the corner so that you do not see the glass after sleeping on the bed because according to Vastu, do not put mirror in front of the bed. This is all interior images.

It has a blue and white sunmica so that looks good in the children’s room.

If your room is the master bedroom, then you can put another sunmica in it

if there is a children’s room, then you can put blue and white sunmica.

besides you can set flower leaves or cartoons type sunmica.

Which children like very much.

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